The Unity Walk Creed & Questions

  • Are You Willing To Work To Serve Our Communities?
  • Are You Able to Get On 3 Consecutive The Unity Walk Conference Calls on Sundays At 11am?
  • Do You Accept The Unity Walk Creed?

1). We will control our own destiny, meaning US first in all endeavors and no outside forces will be allowed in to disrupt or change the course of our organizations destiny and vision.

2). No other groups, organizations or entities will be allowed membership or to force their ideology on us, use their ideology to sway us or expect us to support their entities which don’t have our problems and issues first. This becomes a conflict and fragments the direction of the organization. An example of groups that are not allowed membership with our organization will be Christians, Muslims, Hebrew Israelites, Moors, etc etc. The reason for this is simple, religion has been used as a way to enslave our ancestors and is still being used today to mentally enslave our people. Also religion divides groups of people which goes against The Unity Walks 5th strategy which is Spirituality. Spirituality doesn’t divide, it keeps our ppl on code and keeps our ppl moving in step with the same purpose. So those with a particular religious affiliation will have to check that in at the door otherwise they can, in no way, be part of The Unity Walk Organization.

3). We don’t believe in promoting voting unless it is our own black political party with our own black representatives from a grassroots level who have an allegiance and loyalty to us only. Again this goes with our 1st Strategy of Politics. Anyone affiliated with or promoting a particular political ideology such as Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc etc, they cannot be a member of The Unity Walk Organization for this will create division with those of us who abide by the strict code of having our own Black Political Party!

4). We believe that the system owes us everything and we owe the system nothing. Our ancestors built this country on free labor and were murdered for their service, therefore we owe the system nothing and the system owes us a debt that they can never fully pay.

5). We believe in black empowerment first

6). We believe in black love first

7). We believe that black children should be taught strictly by Black people and no other groups.

8). We believe in healthy and wholesome heterosexual relationships between black men and black women

9). We believe that the black family is the back bone of the black community

10). We believe that no other groups/ethnicities should ever be allowed into any of our endeavors that we choose to partake in because it only creates conflict and problems. Other groups/ethnicities meaning white, Hispanic, Asian etc. etc.

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